Monday, 1 August 2011

Ginger Hair and Turkeys

Well, I read all the books years ago and have seen all but the latest movie, and somehow Ginny has always managed to be my favourite character. I'm not an OMGI'LLDIEWITHOUTIT Harry Potter fan, but I enjoyed the fantasy, loved how the books aged with me (actually 1 year off, I was in year 6 when Harry Potter first entered Hogwarts, which is named after a plant! And seems obvious as such once you realise...) and as I'm now much older, I mainly appreciate how it got children to read!

And I'm sorry I'm still sticking to doing chibi work, promise it'll be something different tomorrow!

Also, I'm currently at The Boys, and we've just finished watching a VERY interesting TV show about a man who turned into a turkey (his words, not ours).

It was an interesting (social?) experiment and I hope some of his findings (that turkeys 'name' different environmental factors and other animals different things, and how their innate clock immaculately knows what stages in life they should enter when) are used as a basis for further animal 'experiments', in particular the idea of information (what other animals are harmful/harmless) being passed down genetically, something we've already had of note at happening to other birds, as well as elephants being able to walk a route to a specific location they've never been to and never been shown.

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