Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Created for The Monthly Dragon Challenge on DeviantArt, one of the stocks this time around was a Lupin plant. As such, here we have a small, chubby yet VERY badly camouflaged dragon.

I really enjoy the colours in this one and particularly had fun creating the semi-transparent buds on the ears! They're meant to harden into horns as the dragon grows, same process as the claws and bud on the end of the tail~

I also did quite a lot of image enhancing with this piece. I try to stay away from messing with the hue/saturation/shading/contrast in the options menus too much as I like learning how to do it myself, however playing around with it on this piece on the background layer gave the interesting look to the flowers we see, which I'm rather happy with. :)

On that note, I'm reminded of when, in university, we had it hammered into us that we shouldn't have meaningless preferences and act fan-boyish to things. If you know VB and C, and feel you're not a 'real' programmer if you don't work in C for everything, then that incredibly-simple-to-program-windows-form is always going to take you far too long because you can't let go of your pride. Because of this, I'm happy to go out of the bounds of 'this doesn't feel like learning...' and just do the option that looks right. I learnt a lot in this piece regardless and I can't improve if I don't accept knowing what a better picture looks like, right?

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