Thursday, 4 August 2011

Under the sea again!

Went for a more...realistic piece this time around. A pretty bare scene at first glance, I'm mainly trying to work with the space to give the feeling that you're seeing a greater picture (sounds...rather strange, but by giving the viewer less to focus on, you either feel yourself within the image as a whole (what I'm aiming for!), skip past it).
I made sure to have a drastic fade-off of the rocks covered in sparkling seaweed to imply the distance you're looking into, and tried my hand at the beautiful ripple effects you get from looking up when underwater, or from looking down at fairly shallow water...Anyway. You might be able to see a faint rainbow-ing at the main light sources I'm rather pleased with.
On a side note, I was on 2 trains and did a LOT of doodling, none of which is worth posting here, but I extrapolated one particular set of squiggles into this:
That is, indeed, a Ghastly :)

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