Tuesday, 30 August 2011

End of an era

For another contest over at http://www.sketchoholic.com/contests.php , if you're interested in improving your artwork and love the idea of winning prizes or, at least, getting some more people to view your work, this is a brilliant website! The multitude of contests also really helps break through artists block.

The subject of this contest was to draw 3 images in 105 minutes, 15 minutes on an image of a flower, 30 minutes on an image of a lazy bird, and 1 hour on an image of a robot with an unusual friend.

While I'm happy with the idea of the flower I produced, the second image annoys me a little as I'm pleased with how the bird, tree, background, box, etc. all came out but the image itself is very dull. :<

The third image...was a fail. I learned about some Photoshop lighting effects I may use again in the future but shouldn't of used here, the 'friendship' seems bland, if deemed to exist at all, and there's no real reason the robot should be in the cave in the first place...

Though I HAVE found the practicalities of images is stopping me from creating some fantasy pieces. I tend to shy away from the type of work Genzoman does at the moment, as while he produces powerful, wonderful images of strong characters in a battle stance, there's never an enemy. There's never a reason WHY the person is summoning a fireball while shouting into the air. I find it very hard to draw things I can't reason, and I can't help but think my logical programming background may be holding me back a little here.

Heh, I guess I should just go do it! Jump over the hurdle and see what's on the other side...

Also, I'm afraid to say that this is the beginning of the end!

I go on holiday tomorrow and I'll be trying to update this blog once every 2-3 days while on holiday.
However, immediately after the holiday I'll be applying for concept artist jobs. Having seen many new positions opening up, I'm keeping my hopes high! And, of course, once I get a concept art job, the reason I was keeping this blog will be over.

Who knows, I may re-name it to 'Broke into the industry my own way' and keep posting, but we'll have to see!

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