Friday, 26 August 2011


Click for full size, warning though, it's... it's pretty massive.

Right! This piece has a bit of a story behind it. The point of the creation of this art originates in a contest over at sketchaholics, a site I keep plugging to you lot.

Sketchaholics, as mentioned, is a great art based website which runs user-made competitions. Contests sometimes have prizes, though are usually run to give you ideas to combat artists block, improve other skills (draw 100 faces, draw 20 emotions, etc.), and to give everyone a little bit more exposure!

This particular competition was to create a piece based on an ink blot. You could rotate and resize the blob, but it had to be used as inspiration. Some people took liberties, and just incorporated the ink blot into a different piece (one case of it used as a cow's markings) but most people took the shapes and tried to make something out of them.

The original ink blot:

My interpretation, overlayed:
And I've got to say, it was HARD.

This has probably been one of the most trialing, awkward pieces I've ever had to do! First, interpreting the shape, I began with the little girl, though my initial idea was a bunny... Yeah. Then, the elephant just made sense with that short 'trunk' coming out, but I had to do something with all the bumps. With this, I decided to turn it into a jeweled, sequined toy elephant for the, now decided, girl!

The last shape was the worst, as initially I ignored the back leg which, of-course, made it look far too cartoon-y and silly (the 5-year-olds-profile interpretation of animals, where the forefront leg completely obscured the back leg). Adding the back leg was very awkward though, and left me a little out of the bounds of the ink blot.

The overall character ideas and creature concept are in styles I've never tried before and ended up looking like a child's book cover, which I'm surprisingly happy with!

Oh! And the COLOURS. My LORD colour theory bit me in the ass with this piece.

I originally wanted the girl to have orange hair, and green clothes. A purple elephant. And a yellow monster.

It clashes SO HARD.

Deciding on a gradiented effect has to be one of the better ideas on this piece, and I think it's subtle enough yet pulls the whole image together.

That's all for today!

Though, if anyone cares, the 'official' story of this piece: Not really based on Red Riding Hood in any way, here we have a girl who made her way into the middle of the hot jungle with her giant stuffed elephant. However, the heat got the better of them, and that's when a Golden Jungler (such an original name!) came to their rescue. Red Riding Hood even managed to attach a mini sun-blocking shade to the Jungler's tail for her sweet toy's health.

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