Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Octopus WIP

My current WIP, this is the very early stages with the basic anatomy sketch plus some additions to define the character design. I'll be removing the fin-skirt and smaller tentacles in the hair, as I don't think they quite fit the feel, and I'm still unsure about the suction-pad-milia around the eyes, but we'll see on that point.

I'm also considering re-jigging the legs into a different pose. I'll be adding 3 more tentacles, being a matching arm tentacle on her left arm and 2 leg tentacles, so she has 8 limbs in total. As such, instead of the floating-around-underwater pose we see here, I'm thinking having the human legs either far forward or far back and the body also resting on the 2 leg-tentacles, leaving a 4-limbed weight support structure. This way, I'll be able to play around more with weight distribution, and place the character on a beach rather than under water itself, as I've been doing a lot of pieces recently that have been situated under the ocean and very few featuring sand. This seems like a good time to rectify this!

I'm still unsure as to her finned hands and feet, but I love the flipper feeling of her feet so may well stick to this.

I'm still looking at underwater creatures though and considering placing the eyes at the side of the face rather than the front...But of course that would imply a herbivore, the victims of the system. On that note, I can't decide if she should be part of a terrifying monster set or a more benevolent being...

More to come!

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