Saturday, 13 August 2011

Still working on the pixel brush pack

I WAS going to post a head shot today, but it ended up being a complete failure around an hour and a half in. I learnt a lot from it though! Greens and blues ARE present in the shaded ares of the face, but mainly on the more start edges compared to the angle to the light, not in the soft shading I was attempting around the cheeks which looked incredibly odd. :<
I have, however, been continuing work on my pixel brush pack and have 2 room 'sets' completed so far!
There's still 'Kitchen', 'Bedroom', 'Bathroom' and 'Other' to do yet! I've also decided that I'll likely create a garden set after this is complete, but I'll only release it depending on how popular this set gets. :)

As mentioned previously, the brush pack will be available for download through my DeviantArt account, with instructions on how to load and use them.

That's all for today! God I've spent so much of today looking at tutorials it's not even funny. D: I DID, however, also find the time to read a brilliant online manga. It's incomplete at the moment but you can find Haru Sari, the graphic novel, by clicking here. Apparently it's spanned 6 years so far with the first chapters being written in 2005, though it's certainly a recent discovery for me!

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