Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Some small commissions today

A small sprite commission, which is the first pixel character I've done for years! I don't think I did the shades dark enough...But I still think it ended up being pretty cute.

Then we get to this piece which I did for a contest~
No idea what's meant to happen at this convention, or even where it's held, all I know is this art has a chance of being used for a poster for the event!

Also, it's one of the only pieces of anime art I've done recently and I'm really starting to think I've outgrown it... It's a shame as it's one of the styles which got me into art in the first place, but after studying paintings and life studies it all feels like such an easy style now.

I think that's the main problem, it's easy. I don't think I can improve upon it anymore so there's not really any point in doing it, other than ensuring I still CAN do it.

That's all for today! Look out for some more Mousehunt fan art tomorrow.

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