Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mousehunt revisited!

I did some Mousehunt fan-art a while ago: Here, when I posted the original I included a post about what Mousehunt is and the like, so I won't be repeating myself here! Overall though, I'm still part of the MH community and have always enjoyed the art styles used by Hitgrab, particularly the work of Jacob Johnson.

As such, with these 2 fan-art pieces I've been attempting to emulate his style and I think I'm getting close. Though compared to my first image, done a few months ago now, I have to say my composition has definitely improved! The shadows feel like they exist for a reason and help to create the depth of the piece, while the lighting in general I feel has gotten better. You can also tell where the mouses eyes are easier in this piece...

Also, I've almost finished my pixel brush pack now, I would say it'd be done by this weekend but I'm going to see The Sister tomorrow so won't be functional till Saturday. As such, it'll be an early post tomorrow with the pixel work completed so far!

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