Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Late Update!

At the boys so didn't have a lot of time for art today! But here's a speed painted tiny planet (VERY Tiny, hell it's a rock more than it is a planet, but don't say that to Pluto :<).

Science time!

I recently had a conversation with The Boy (I say recently, it's a bit of a recurring conversation) about a plant grown in anti-grav. It's been proven on the shuttle flights that plants use gravity to determine up and down, and random, unorganized growths appear otherwise (except in the case of common roof moss : but I'm wondering about what if a plant HAD been grown on earth till it was a sapling, then a sphere of the dirt it's in was suspended in anti-gravity, and the entire entity was surrounded by sunlight. Normally, once sprouted, plants will lean towards the sun (you can even see sunflowers turning during the day due to this) but if always surrounded, would it grow in all directions or carry on in the direction it's currently going, but with increased leaf sizes?

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